Translation Style Guide
Translation Style Guides are created and used to ensure that the tone, style, and other surrounding attributes of your materials are successfully translated into target languages

A translation style guide is set of guidelines and rules that articulate how translators are to present, in the translated versions, customers' content in terms of the visual illustration of the material as well as the tone, style, and other surrounding aspects of the source content. Guidelines cover company standards both at a corporate level (e.g., how corporate logos and brands are presented) as well as those specific to the actual source material to be translated (e.g., unique requirements specific to a particular marketing campaign).

Guidelines therefore cover a wide range of attributes including:

  • How corporate logos, brands, and other attributes are visually presented (e.g., colors, capitalization, etc.)
  • Style of text (e.g., whether technical-friendly, for the non-technical individual, etc.)
  • Tone of the text (e.g., colloqual and friendly, formal and professional, etc.)
  • How translations should be performed. For example:
    • Precise, direct translations that would be appropriate for legal or medical documents; or
    • Greater flexibility in the translation that conveys the essence of the content but does so by adapting it more to the culture and customs of the target audience as would be appropriate for product marketing material and advertising campaigns
  • What types of terms should and should not be translated (e.g., not translating product names or proper names like "Assured Language Solutions" for example)
  • For web-based context translations, how program markup code (e.g., HTML) tags are handled. For example:
    • Keeping them identical to their use in the source language; or
    • Adjusting them to accommodate, for example, differences in sentence length that result when the content is translated

One of the responsibilities of project managers at Assured Language is to identify the specific style requirements of the customer and produce a translation style guide that our professional translators use when working on your project. Doing so ensures that the translations of your documents and other content are not only correct in terms of prose, but also are consistent in the style, tone, and flavor of the source language material.

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