Translation Memory
Customers gain faster turn-around, high consistency within and across documents, and lower project cost through our use of translation memory technology

Typically, there are company and industry-specific terminologies, document styles, and common phrases and language. Within large documents and across multiple files, this accumulates into a significant volume of content that is roughly the same. Utilizing translation memory technology, all text that is translated is stored, indexed, and subsequently automatically retrieved and used when the same content segment (e.g., phrase, sentence, etc.) surfaces at another location in the same document or in another document.

Translation Memory results in consistency across documents with savings in both time and money

In addition to benefits of consistency of translated text within documents and across multiple documents, translation memory also enables faster turn-around time and lower costs. This cost savings is passed on to the customer by utilizing the translation memory technology during the job estimate phase to analyze and identify unique source content segments to be translated rather than duplicating full translation cost for segments that appear more than once. Those segments occurring elsewhere incur a lower-cost proofreading charge rather than the translation fee. In other words, customers pay new content translation fees only once for actual translation of unique material.

The time savings is achieved because the professional translators only translate content once and can proofread content that is returned by the translation memory. Proofreading is performed so that the translator can make minor adjustments to content returned by translation memory to ensure high quality and correct context of the material in each location where it is used.

Proofreading is a faster, easier task for the professional translators than producing new translated text thereby resulting in lower cost and faster turn-around of the deliverables to customers.

How we use translation memory

Assured Language Solutions includes the use of Translation Memory for medium to large translation projects and those engagements that are long-term in nature. When using Translation Memory technology, all content that is translated is stored in a linguistic database making that content available for re-use in other parts of a document and if applicable in other documents. Core objectives and results of translation memory that we prioritize include:

  • Consistent terminology, imagery, and descriptions of content spanning documents within and across corporate divisions thereby achieving highest possible quality for the organization as a whole.
  • Robust, rapid turn-around of translated deliverables resulting from the ability of professional translators to channel their energy on the translation of new material. For previously translated segments reappearing elsewhere, the linguists are able to proofread and edit (for maintaining context and flow) rather than having to re-translate the material.
  • Delivering fair, lowered costs to customers by enabling payment for actual work done: translation pricing for unique content newly translated and lower proofreading pricing for content stored in translation memory that is used again elsewhere and checked and edited for quality and context.

These benefits that are achieved through the combination of professional translators and translation memory technology are gained regardless of the type of content being translated. Any project where there is repetition of content in multiple locations leads to the quality, turnaround, and cost savings of using translation memory. This is especially true of projects with highly technical (e.g., engineering, medicine, financial, systems, etc.) material including hardware and software users manuals, technical guides, training documents, marketing materials, technical litigation exhibits, financial system, etc. Projects of these types can achieve savings reaching 50% or more by using translation memory.

Our use is Translation Memory is secure and maintains the confidentiality of your intellectual property

Trust is essential in the language services business as it deals directly with the intellectual property (IP) of clients. Safeguarding the intellectual property of our customers and maintaining 100% trust is a must for our business and a highest priority in our company. We only include customer translation memories as a part of our ongoing translation memory system for those companies which have agreed to allow us to do so. The content of the translation memories are not the actual documents themselves, but rather translation unit fragments. The translation memory software only displays content stored in its database when a translator is using it to translate a document and the software finds a match in the database with a sentence, phrase or other translation unit in the document being translated. Customers' actual documents and other such materials are held in strict confidence during projects for the explicit purpose of performing the task for which we were hired. The materials are never shared or sent beyond our team that is working for the customer and each member of the team is bound by non-disclosure agreements binding them to strict confidentiality.

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