Translation Tools
Leading Computer Assisted Translation Tools (CAT) utilized by project managers and professional translators enables highest quality translations with rapid delivery and competitive pricing

Advances in translation technology tools continues to widen the methods that high quality translation and other language services can be delivered to customers. Each client's project is unique with its own requirements. Assured Language Solutions utilizes the ideal professionals and tools to ensure the success of our customers linguistic engagements. Whether it be marketing and sales materials, advertising promotions, technical product manuals or other, we provide the means to attain high quality at competitively low costs. For many projects, computer assisted translation (CAT) tools are one component that add value and lower costs for projects.

Overview of what Computer Assisted Translation Tools (CAT) do

There a number of core functions that computer assisted translation (CAT) tools perform:

  • Content analysis – Source material is analyzed
  • Parse – Based on the analysis of the source material, it is organized into content segments (usually sentences)
  • Match with Translation Memory – Identify content material that matches that within translation memory
  • Allow for construction of Translation Units (TU) – Provide an organized means for professional translators to create translations of new content segments
  • Register unique translation units into Translation Memory – Provide for management of translated material to promote consistency, re-use of content, and ultimately faster turn-around time at lower costs

There are a variety of tools utilized in our translation engagements. Leading computer assisted translation (CAT) tools include the following:

  • SDL Trados – A translation memory software which supports professional translation by providing tools for translation project management, content editing, and review. It enables faster translation speed and high quality. Translation memory enables reuse of previously translated material thereby quickening the delivery time and saving translation costs. Use of industry terminology stores, content matching algorithms and automatic suggestion features further assist professional translators to write precise, consistent, high quality translation deliverables. The technology additionally assists with working with different file types and content formats. Note that the Studio product is the successor of the former SDLX and Trados 2007 products.
  • Deja Vu – Less widely used than SDL Trados, but a robust, comprehensive product.
  • MemoQ – Product of a fast growing company, Kilgray, which launched MemoQ in 2009. It is lead by a team of Microsoft professionals with staff who have experience in other leading technologies including SDL Trados, Lionbridge Freeway, and Idiom Worldserver.

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