File Engineering
We adapt to your requirements by working with the file types and structure that you use, by sending completed work via the methods that you require, and by delivering formating within translated documents, localized software components, and other deliverables per your specific criteria

"File Engineering" is an internal service within Assured Language Solutions that enables us to (1) work with and deliver virtually any kind of file format; (2) send completed work via the transport medium(s) of your project (e.g., real-time uploads to your service delivery workflow management system); and (3) maintain or adjust formating within translated documents, localized software content, and other deliverable materials (e.g., audio/video) to be consistent with source materials or altered per customer specific requirements. We recognize the savings of time, the reduction in overall project costs, and the gain in efficiency from which customers benefit that result from our flexibility and ability to work with each customer's specific file, delivery and formating standards and requirements.

Work with and deliver virtually any kind of file format

As a professional language services company, we make it a priority to provide the flexibility and skills to work with any type of file types and file structures that customers require. This includes the acceptance of source material in the customer's most convenient file formats, compression technologies, and directory structures. Similarly, completed work is delivered to customers according to the file type and structure that best supports their business.

To-date, there has not been a file type or structure with which we were unable to work. Our team consists of professional linguists and technologists. This combination enables us to meet the needs of our customers whether it be working with programming files for software localization, graphical diagrams, desktop publishing, business documents, or other. We do so in the language of your source and with the file formats of the original documents from which to work.

Examples of file formats that we work with include:

  • Database files (Microsoft .accdb, .mdb, OpenDocument Database .odb, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Desktop Publishing (Adobe InDesign .indd, Adobe PageMaker .pmd, Microsoft Publisher .pub, Adobe FrameMaker .fm, Scribus .sla, .scd, etc.)
  • Office documents (Microsoft Word .doc, .docx, OpenDocument Text Document .odt, .odm, .ott, Adobe Acrobat .pdf, Rich Text .rtf, ASCII or Unicode plaintext .txt, ASCII text as comma-separated values .csv, OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods, .ots, Microsoft Excel .xls, .xlsx, Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt, .pptx, .pot, OpenDocument Presentation .odp,.otp, OpenDocument Math Formula .odf, Microsoft OneNote .one, etc.)
  • Project management and organization (Microsoft Project .mpp, Microsoft Visio .vsd, .vss, .vst, .vdx, .vsx, .vtx)
  • Graphical image editor files (Adobe Photoshop .psd, .pdd, .psb, Adobe Illustrator .ai, Adobe Fireworks .png, OpenDocument Drawing .odg, Gnu Image Manipulation Program (Gimp) .xcf, etc.)
  • Graphic image files (Microsoft Bitmap .bmp, Graphics Interchange Format .gif, Joint Photographic Experts Group .jpeg, .jpg, Portable Network Graphic .png, etc.)
  • Source code for software (eXtensible Markup Language .xml, HyperText Markup Language .html, eXtensible HyperText Markup Language .xhtml, JBoss Seam .seam, .java, JavaServer Pages .jsp, Microsoft Active Server Page .asp, Microsoft Active Server Page. NET .aspx, C source .c, Cascading Style Sheets .css, XML Style Sheets .xslt, .xsl, Visual Basic .vb, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor .php, Perl .pl, COBOL source .cob, .cbl, Pascal source .pas, .pp, .p, Javascript .js, etc.)
  • Video editors (Adobe Premiere Pro .ppj)

Examples of file structural and compression technologies that we work with include:

  • Directory-based
  • Metadata-based
  • Zip (.zip)
  • 7-Zip (.7z)
  • gzip (.gz)
  • tar (.tar, .tar.gz)
  • RAR (.rar)
  • WAR
  • JAR
  • EAR

Examples of technology platforms that we work with include:

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Any type of Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Knoppix, Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE, CentOS, Mandriva, Slackware, etc.)
Send completed work via the transport medium(s) of your project

For general document translation projects, receipt of source langauge files and delivery of translated target language files is performed via Email or secure ftp. Some engagements, however, involve real-time integration with enterprise systems of the client. This allows for rapid delivery of continuous, high volume translation work. The integrated systems often involve comprehensive workflow systems which include the review and auditing of translated material. Assured Language Solutions has the technical expertise to deliver translated content per each customer's specific requirements.

Maintain or adjust formating within translated documents, localized software content, and other deliverable materials (e.g., audio/video) to be consistent with source materials or altered per customer specific requirements

Depending on customers' requirements, embeded material such as tables, graphics, screenshots, and other objects may or may not need to be translated. Additionally, projects vary as to whether or not the formating needs to be maintained or otherwise adjusted in the translated deliverable as that of the source material. We offer our customers to have use perform formatting of the translated versions in addition to the translation of the content itself. We work with customers up-front to understand the full requirements of the job.

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