Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Increased international exposure without requiring advertising expense by optimizing search engine results for your target languages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component for driving traffic to your site without requiring ongoing advertising expenditures. This makes SEO a powerful and vital component of an overall website marketing strategy. The same is true for efforts to expand web presence into international and multilingual markets. In addition to the translation and localization of the web presence, the return on investment (ROI) of the site is optimized by also localizing and translating the SEO of the site. The objective is to ensure that the search engine rankings for each target language market of your website become and remain high.

Assured Language Solutions offers professional SEO services for achieving high search return results for international language markets.

Multilingual Keyword Research

Keywords are the text that visitors type into search engines. One means that search engines like Google and Yahoo! use to order websites is by associating searched keywords with keywords contained within websites. Ideally, a new country and culture specific keyword list should be created for each target language market. For each language market, we identify and prioritize keywords that your localized website should contain that will enable the site to achieve a high rank on website search engines. To accomplish this, we begin by using your existing source language keyword list (e.g., that of English), if available, as a reference while creating the new list specific to each target language market. Alternatively, so customers prefer that a direct translation be performed of their existing source languqage keyword list without further research and customization. We do this as well. Our focus is to best tailer our services to each customer.

Metadata Creation and Fine-Tuning

The outcome of the multilingual keyword research (above) is a list of keywords tailored to each target language market. These keywords are then utilized to create information within the web pages that search engines use to rank, categorize, and display your website in search results. This information is located in what is called metadata within each web page. Examples of metadata content for each web page include a specific list of keywords for that page, a title of the page which is displayed in the tab of the visitor's web browser, and a brief description of the website (generally limited to 150 characters). Assured Language creates ideal metadata content for each web page based on the outcome of the multilingual keyword research and your specific requirements.

Multilingual Link Building

The metric of the number of links to pages of a website remains a major criteria that web search engines use to rank the popularity of websites to that of others. Counting linkages between websites is one of the major activities of the search engines' web bots (also referred to as web robots). The process of creating and promoting such linkages in the source language (e.g., English) is itself time consuming and challenging. Doing so in a foreign language and foreign market presents that much more challenge.

Assured Language provides multilingual link building services that offer you the ability to develop a growing network of linkages to your translated language pages. This raises the location of your website in search engine results for those target languages.

Following the completion of our work, we deliver your translated website. You just upload it into your system for your professionally localized web presence.

Online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Target Languages Advertising Campaign Strategy and Translation

Assured Language will provide, for each target language, recommendations and translation to help ensure that you maximize your target language/country lead generation through online advertising.

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