Medical, Healthcare & Science Translation Services
Medical and scientific nomenclature and vocabulary as well as conceptual understanding in the vast fields of these diciplines necessitate assigning specialist translators experienced and with a foundation of knowledge of the medical and scientific disciplines. Doing so is crucial for ensuring precision of your medical and scientific translations. We have the medical and science specialists upon whom you can rely.
Medical & Scientific Translation Services

Let us consider why the translation of a medical or scientific document is usually more challenging than that of content in other fields. Read through the following excerpt and see if you can you restate it in another form using other words.

When the sutureless technique was used in patients without previous cardiac operations, longitudinal division of the pulmonary veins into the pulmonary hilum was associated with violation of the thin pleura at the junction between the parietal and visceral pleura overlying the pulmonary hilum and left atrial bleeding into the pleural space. This was managed by means of division of the pericardium and pleura at the level of the diaphragm from anterior to posterior to the level of the phrenic nerve. The heart and divided pleura were retracted firmly toward the midline, exposing the anterior aspect of the pulmonary hilum. The parietal and visceral pleura can then be approximated with a fine running suture to achieve hemostasis.

For those whose background, is not in medicine or cardiovascular surgical science, restating the above passage correctly and accurately is most likely not feasible. Professional translation is the discipline of correctly and accurately restating source language text into target languages.

At Assured Language Solutions we assign specialist translators who, in addition to being professional linguists, are also experts in the discipline of content material that is to be translated. They are fluent in the content area terminology both in the source and target languages. For medical and scientific content, this generally means that they have a medical degree and/or an advanced science degree in the content area.

Healthcare Translation Services

In addition to translation of medical and scientific content as described above, healthcare organizations (e.g., pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, assisted living providers, drug store chains, etc.) have many needs and opportunities for reaching and communicating with people of other languages and residing in other worldwide geographies. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, are able to conduct more product testing overseas thereby reducing their research and development and regulatory approval process costs. Doing so generally requires that communications with end patients be conducted in their native languages.

Assured Language Solutions has the capabilities to perform all of the language tasks involved including:

Assured Language Solutions has the capability to provide comprehensive translation, interpretation, and other linguistic services for your specific areas within medicine, science, and healthcare industries. We provide content expertise, structured project management, and high quality deliverables at competitive rates.

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