Public Relations Translation Services
Convey news releases, communications to investors, and other public relations communications in each target language such that the communication is both accurate and conforms to the style and customs of the target audience

Public relations serves as an essential interface between your organization and its stakeholders. Communication of new product release information to new prospects, financial status and performance to investors, new organizational strategy and objectives to the public, and other such public communications require that the messaging be both precise as well as accurately conform to the culture, customs, and communications style of each target language audience.

Assured Language Solutions delivers successful public relations communications by assigning specialist professional linguists who are not only expert translators and interpreters, but who also have a fluent command of the culture, style, customs, and communications environment of both their source and target languages and regions.

Public relations areas in which our linguists provide translation, interpretation, transcription and other language services include:

  • Internal organization-wide and divisional communications (New organization strategy and direction announcements, new human resource policies & procedures, internal news releases, etc.)
  • Interviews with analysts and media in new language markets (Materials translation, interpretation, transcription, etc.)
  • Internal organization events
  • Public events
  • Investor relations (financial reports, multiple language meetings, etc.)
  • Corporate information for general availability (Company brochures, website information, etc.)
  • Press releases

Assured Language Solutions has the capability to provide comprehensive translation, interpretation, and other linguistic services for your specific areas of public relations. We provide content expertise, structured project management, and high quality deliverables at competitive rates.

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