Multilingual Brand Checking Services
Gain from an investigation and analysis of your corporate brand names, servicemarks, trademarks, and logos followed by ideal localization of those assets for each of your global target regions

Assured Language Solutions's multilingual brand checking services assist companies which are planning launches into new international markets to assess corporate assets including:

  • Corporate brands
  • Names (including those of products and services)
  • Marks and logos (including those for registration as servicemarks and trademarks in each new region)
  • Other branding assets

Examinations for targeted countries are performed for:

  • Determining legal acceptability of the asset (e.g., whether there is a conflicting trademark or servicemark already in use)
  • How heavily used (across various industry segments) or otherwise popular or unpopular that the brand is in each target region
  • Appropriateness of the asset in terms of linguistic and imagery attributes including wording, nuances, and color (e.g., in some regions, certain colors denote poor luck)
  • Assessment of the marks and brand name assets in terms of the government ideology, type of economy, and public sector characteristics
  • Consideration of the predominant religions of the region and analysis as to how the brand names, marks, and/or logos would possibly be viewed and interpreted within those religions
  • As applicable, assess possible effects or other with the brand name, marks, and logos on the children and educational systems in the region
  • Identify other potential issues with the name, logo, and/or brand that could be interpreted as offensive or otherwise inappropriate language or meanings (e.g., a product name that would be considered offensive to a different geographic region)

The above planning, investigation, and analysis project results in a detailed report of the appropriateness of the brand name, marks, and logos for the target region, identification of potential issues, and proposed solutions and other recommendations. Localization of the brand names, marks, and logos can then be performed which produces ideal wording and presentation of the corporate name and mark assets in the language of the region and complementary to its culture and other characteristics.

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