Event Assistance Translation Services
Drive success at your international events by ensuring that all messaging and materials are accurate and convey precisely the atmosphere and involvement that you desire from participants

As with sponsoring and attending domestic language events, success depends on prudent preparation and quality support services. Events that include hosts, presenters and participants of different native languages, require an additional dimension of preparation for participants to be able to successfully understand and communicate. Assured Language Solutions has the full range of linguistic services, from translation to interpretation to transcribing, to support hosts, presenters, and attendees so that each stakeholder is able to interact with as much ease and success as possible.

Some of the services that we provide that support multi-language events include:

  • Interpreting Servicescomprehensive on-site interpreting services including consecutive, simultaneous, and whispered delivery methods. More details here.
  • Document Translation Serviceshigh quality translation of event-specific materials including schedules, participant details, questionaires, and feedback as well as corporate, product, and service brochures, marketing materials, reports, whitepapers, and other promotional assets. More details here.
  • Proofreading Serviceshaving a second, fully qualified professional translator review translation work checking against the source text for accuracy, spelling and integrity. More details here.
  • Desktop Publishing & Graphic Translation Servicesenable you and your team to save time and maintain high quality by utilizing our professionals to deliver translated works in the desired format incorporating any necessary adjustments for cultural and language characteristic differences in each target language. More details here.
  • Audio Visual Servicesprofessional multiple language video and audio materials for reaching each of the event participants. More details here.
  • Transcription & Transcribing Servicesprofessional real-time transcription of event presentations. Participants gain the ability to later reference details including question-and-answer sessions of presentations that they were able to attend as well as those that they missed. More details here.

Assured Language Solutions has the capability to provide comprehensive translation, interpretation, and other linguistic services to support and ensure the success of your hosting or participating in international events. We will help you both plan the details of the language portion of your events and provide on-site facilitation of those events.

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