Advertising Translation Services
Promote your products and services to new international populations with messaging that takes into account not only accuracy in language but also the customs and culture of the target regions thereby achieving the intended outcome from each audience

Each content discipline and specific material requirements require optimal tuning and emphasis between direct translation precision of source material (e.g., translation of an engineering patent) and translation reaction outcome (the resultant feelings, emotions, and subsequent actions) of the audience (e.g., creating purchase desire for new golf clubs after reading an advertisement in a golf magazine). Quality, professional translations of advertising material generally tend toward a focus on the target audience's reaction more than a necessity to match source and target content word for word.

At Assured Language Solutions, our advertising industry translation specialists understand the nuances, customs, and culture of both their source and target languages to ensure that the messaging and outcome of advertising campaigns accurately correspond to that of the source language thereby delivering the same outcomes and success in the target markets as achieved in the source language audience.

Some of the advertising materials that we translate include the following:

  • Adver­tise­ments (print, online, billboard, broad­cast)
  • Direct response pro­mo­tions
  • Audio and video transcripts and voice-over
  • Online search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Captions, slogans, and other taglines

Assured Language Solutions has the capability to provide comprehensive translation, interpretation, and other linguistic services for your specific areas of advertising. We provide content expertise, structured project management, and high quality deliverables at competitive rates.

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