Translation Memory for Government Services
Further enhance your agency's ability to rapidly and accurately sift through and identify globally sourced foreign language data of high relevance and value to your agency's monitoring and other project analysis objectives. Translate internal documents into target languages by gaining faster turn-around and higher consistency both within and across your federal, state, or local agency, and at lower project cost through our use of translation memory technology for government agencies.

Assured Language Solutions offers the use of translation memory technology for all large translation projects in all sectors (private and public) and all industries. (For more details on our translation memory services in general, including an overview of how we utilize translation memory, click here.) Because translation memory is of such high value in particular to large scale government translation projects, we provide additional details below of the importance of and use of translation memory for government.

Keeping on the Pulse of Worldwide Information Flow

Monitoring cyberespionage originating in China (Source), accusations by Turkey that Syria has used chemical weapons (Source), terrorist activities by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the Tuareg Militia in Mali (Source) prompting some to forecast Africa as the new 'epicenter of terrorism' (Source), effects of the Land Acquisition Act land reform on the agricultural industry in Zimbabwee and its role in deteriorating the Zimbabwee economy (Source) are a minute example of the extreme volume of information that affects the United States government and in many cases its nation security.

The United States government is charged with gathering, filtering, and translating through an enormous volume of data with each government agency constrained by budget limitations. It clearly is impractical to consider 100% human translation for all of this work. This is where translation technologies, and in particular, translation memory becomes essential for government agencies performing intelligence gathering and analysis.

Translation of Internal Documents into Target Languages

Utilizing translation memory for translation of internal agency documents into target languages helps enable greater consistency of translation across source language documents within and between agencies, reuse of previously translated phrases, and gaining lower price advantages. Click here for details on the advantages and means of utilizing translation memory for high quality, rapid turnaround, and lower pricing achieved for document translation.

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