Local Community Translation Services
Ensure that all residents of the community have equal access to resources available including healthcare, legal counsel, and education by utilizing our professional translation, interpretation and other language services

Diversity is a hallmark of a rich, balanced society. Assured Language Solutions partners with local town and city governments and local community non-profit organizations to help ensure that all local citizens have knowledge of, equal access to, and full use of available local government and community services.

Examples of local government and community services benefited by translation, interpretation and other language services include:

  • Local agriculture policy centers
  • Youth centers
  • Community health centers and clinics
  • Counseling (e.g., for domestic violence, overcoming addition, etc.)
  • Food pantries
  • Local transportation
  • Services for the elderly
  • Support for voting in elections
  • Conducting polls

Services that local government and community centers benefit from include:

  • Interpreting Servicesprofessional interpretation services to facilitate communication between local government employees (e.g., law enforcement, legal council, local health clinics) with people of various languages. More details here.
  • Document Translation Serviceshigh quality translation of announcement, reports, and other communications to residents of the community who speak different languages. More details here.
  • Proofreading Serviceshaving a second, fully qualified professional translator review translation work checking against the source text for accuracy, spelling and integrity. More details here.
  • Desktop Publishing & Graphic Translation Servicesenable you and your team to save time and maintain high quality by utilizing our professionals to deliver translated works in the desired format incorporating any necessary adjustments for cultural and language characteristic differences in each target language. More details here.
  • Audio Visual Servicesprofessional multiple language video and audio materials for reaching residents and visitors to the community of all your target dialects. More details here.
  • Transcription & Transcribing Servicesprofessional real-time transcription of local government meetings and other events. A detailed record is constructed enabling later analysis, review, and dissemination to interested parties. More details here.

Assured Language Solutions has the capability to provide comprehensive translation, interpretation, and other linguistic services to assist your local government offices and community providers reach and assist residents of all language backgrounds. We provide content expertise, structured project management, and high quality deliverables at competitive rates.

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