Transcription & Transcribing Services
Obtain professional written records (transcriptions) of the content of audio and video recordings or even real-time notes from live meetings through our professional transcribing services

Our transcription service provides customers a written record of the content of audio and video files. Additionally, we can take down notes of live communications; however, in the case of real-time note taking of live communications, the notes will not be complete until a clearly audible recording is obtained (either by us or the customer).

For transcriptions from audio and video files, the source content can be stored on any type of recording. There are many types of venues where transcription services are utilized. They include:

  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Telephone conversations
  • Legal proceedings
  • Medical symposiums
  • Webex sessions
  • Academic sessions

For content in specialized fields, we use linguists who are specialists in those fields (e.g., legal, medical, engineering, etc.). The professional translators watch video content or listen to audio material and transcribe (i.e., write down) what was said and in either the language in which it was voiced or directly into a target language. Per customer requirements, we can then further translate the transcriptions into any other languages that the customer may need.

Thus, in summary, we can provide the following:

  • Single language transcribing – Transcription of the video or audio content is written in the same language as the source
  • Source to target transcribing and translating – The professional translator translates from the source language that is vocalized directly into the target language.
  • Real-time note taking – For example, during a meeting between English and Japanese language speakers, transcribing both the voiced English language and Japanese language dialogue in one language (e.g., all in English or all in Japanese); Or, transcribing each in its own language. Following the meeting additional translation such as making translated versions in both languages can be performed.
  • Translation into multiple languages of transcripted text – The content that was transcribed via any of the methods above is further translated into additional target languages.
File formats and file quality

In the case of transcription from recorded media such as audio or video files, to the extent possible, high quality recordings where the content to be transcribed is clearly heard is important. Similarly, for real-time note taking, the linguist will be better able to perform the transcription if positioned such that all dialogue can be clearly heard.

Assured Language Solutions makes every effort to work with the most convenient file formats for the customer. This includes both physical media such as DVDs, CDs, and video cassettes as well as electronic media including MP4, MP3, Mpeg, AVI, Wav, GSM, Ulaw, Alaw, etc.


Assured Language offers you the flexibility and expertise you need to obtain high quality written records from vocal content, whether recorded in videos, audio files, or in live meetings. We further provide you the option to obtain the transcriptions in the language or languages that best support your objectives.

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