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Expand your reach across cultures and languages and into new markets by localizing your website.

The extension of websites into new languages is usually best accomplished by professional localization services rather than translation services. Localization services consider a wider array of attributes including the culture, conceptual messages, images, and color of the language in addition to its translation. This helps ensure that the web pages that are produced are appropriate to the culture of the people of the target language and stir the type of response from site visitors that closely matches that of visitors of the source language.

To illustrate, consider a United States company such as one in the entertainment, travel or lodging industry that has themes and promotions for valentines day within their website which they wish to expand worldwide. By some accounts, the Valentines Gifts market is $17 Billion USD with 20% of that purchased online. The same account reports that in the United States, men spend over double the amount that women do on Valentine's Day gifts. Source. Further, the Greeting Card Association estimates purchase of Valentine’s Day cards at $1 Billion USD. Source. In the United States, such gifts and cards are given by both men and women, parents and grandparents. Now, consider the market in Japan. In Japan, the custom for Valentine's day is for women to give specifically chocolate to men. This is followed by "White Day", on March 14, in which men reciprocate by giving gifts two to three times the value to the women who gave them gifts. The market size of just Valentine's Day in Japan (i.e., not including White Day) was 53.5 Billion Yen ($669 Million USD at 80 yen/$) in 2010. Source. In this example, professional translation services would change the sentences into Japanese, but leave the meaning of the content the same as that in the source language of English. Localization, on the other hand, would take into account both the language and culture resulting in webpages more accurately conveying the function, purpose, and meaning of the original English, US market-oriented content.

There are further differences in the feelings conveyed by colors between cultures. In China, for example, the color red is often associated with happiness, good luck, success, and fertility. This contrasts with the United where red can be associated with anger, courage, danger, heat, love, passion, and the republican party. Source.

There are many facets to the best conversion or expansion of websites into new languages. The topics and examples above highlight a few. At Assured Language, we will work with you so that you gain from the most fitting service for your objectives.

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