Software Localization Testing
Perform quality control on your software localization and website localization projects via extensive quality assurance testing

At Assured Language Solutions, when entrusted with serving customers with their technology-based (e.g., software localization or website localization) language development projects, we consider ourselves an extension to the clients' own in-house development team. An important part of this process is ensuring the quality of the language portions via rigorous quality assurance testing. We provide customers a reliable quality assurance testing service.

In doing so, we perform the following tasks:

  • Identify project requirements
  • Design the testing protocol including the design of test cases, use cases, and expected results according to the requirements
  • Test the software according to the testing design protocol
  • Create bug and issue reports
  • Document the results

The test scripts that we design include evaluation for both language and formating deviations from expected results. Additionally, to the extent possible, the customer will have already performed testing on the functionality of the software itself in its original source language. Our testing is thus usually best performed following the user testing and integration testing efforts and prior to the parallel testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). We are flexible to integrate our testing efforts with that of the customer.

In some projects, especially those of custom-built (also known in the UK as "bespoke") enterprise systems or those where enterprise software is significantly customized, such as many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions, the incorporation of language module testing in the User Acceptance Testing is beneficial; and we support this.

Our testing approach

As with all of the other services that Assured Language provides, testing projects are worked on by native language linguists who have additional acumen in the testing of software and websites and are managed by project managers with experience managing quality assurance testing engagements. We provide our quality assurance testing services for any combination of languages given adequate lead time.

Per project requirements, we can assign personnel to work onsite with your development and testing team. This allows for even greater gains in efficiency and productivity as the full testing and engineering team is able to rapidly identify, analyze, modify, and re-test bugs that arise.

For projects where a virtual team structure with resources located in multiple geographic locations while maintaining productive team interactions is achievable, then costs of our language testing services can also be gained due to the reduction or elimination of travel, lodging and other such expenses. In such engagements, the client generally provides issue and bug tracking systems as well as other such project systems that can be utilized via the web or allows for delivery via email or ftp download service in a batch file form.

Flexible pricing to adapt to your specific requirements

For projects that are highly specific, a fixed price for the project may be most applicable. For engagements that entail greater flexibility and adaptability, pricing by time and expenses is generally most appropriate.


From multinational corporations, to start-up innovators launching globally, to offshore technology and systems providers, Assured Language Solutions can team with you to make your multilingual software and global website projects achieve success.

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