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Engage in new global markets for mobile and iPhone applications. Assured Language Solutions provides comprehensive services for adapting your mobile and iPhone software to new target languages.

Mobile phone market penetration around the globe

It is reported that there are nearly double the number of mobile phones used than landline ones in the United States. Source. Almost ninety percent (88%) of American adults have cellphones. Over half (55%) use their cell phone to use the internet. Further almost 1/3 (31%) of those who browse the internet from their phone use their phone as their primary means to access sites on the internet. Source. Globally, the dominance of mobile phones is even greater in many countries. In Russia, for example, there are 5.3 times as many mobile phone subscriptions as landline phones. Similarly, in Japan, it is 3 times; Mexico is 4.6 times; Spain is 2.6 times; And, Germany is 2.3 times. Source.

These trends underscore the necessity and opportunity of extending applications to be easily usable from Smartphones, Android, iPhones, iPads, and other mobile phone devices. Further, the global market importance of these devices is significant and continues on an upward trend. This presents data that supports a strong business case for investing in the extension of software into the markets for mobile devices and localizing them globally into the local, native languages of each region and country. Assured Language Solutions offers you a means to aggressively pursue the localization into new regions with reliable, high quality, reasonably priced mobile technology localization services.

When entrusted with serving our customers with their mobile device localization projects, we foster an efficient communication and turnaround approach that enables us to operate as a virtual extension to the clients' own in-house development teams. We perform a series of localization tasks as outlined on our website localization page. In addition to those tasks, we recommend and perform the following additional steps for the localization of applications for Smartphones, iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, ipads and other mobile devices:

  • Conduct mobile-phone application focused market research – We recommend research and analysis for each target market specific to mobile device applications. The scope should include an evaluation of the likeliness of achieving the goals and return on investment (ROI) objectives from mobile devices in each target language market. Demographics, customer segments, supply & demand, and other characteristics of the mobile phone software market differs considerably across nations and regions. The infrastructure, carriers, regulations, pricing, platforms, and other key elements are varied with differing variables and attributes. Implementation in each target segment may necessitate specific configurations and approaches. Platforms (e.g., Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.) and versions of those platforms should be evaluated. Assessment of, prioritizing of, and dialog with mobile carriers will often be needed. Thus, a per country, language, and/or region strategic plan with detailed requirements and timeline based on solid market analysis would facilitate creating and evaluating the business case for each target. A requirements document and implementation plan with specific details for each target language market are then created. Assured Language has the experts to conduct the detailed market research.
  • Confirm readiness for localization via Pseudo-localization simulation – Perform a quick and cost-effective test run of the localization process for your mobile software. This includes simulating the language translation and testing of localized components. The benefits of these activities is to identify and remove some issues that would have surfaced during the subsequent tasks in the localization effort.
  • Manage content to the smaller screen footprint of mobile devices – The drastically smaller sizes of mobile devices as compared with laptops and monitors necessitate the planing, prioritizing, and consolidating of content (text and graphics) for mobile applications. Some languages are more concise and use less real estate (e.g., Japanese) and others more verbose and require more space (e.g., French and German). As a result, the amount of displayable content will vary by target language and thus prioritization and selection of content for each language should be customized where appropriate.
  • Additional translation memory for mobile application content – Due to less available space for mobile application content, it can be beneficial to maintain translation memory specifically for mobile application content. In addition to the difference in available space between laptops and monitors and that of mobile devices, real estate also differs between types of mobile devices. Ipads, for example, allow for more space than iPhones.

Mobile software applications that are successfully localized open new market opportunities and increased revenue. Assured Language Solutions has the experts that can help you optimize your product taking into account the different culture, mobile landscape, and other unique characteristics of the target language markets enabling your company to achieve its objectives for the global mobile customer base.

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