Audio Visual Services
Professional multiple language video and audio materials for reaching new language customers

The role and importance of video and audio based tools in business, consumer applications, and as components of website content has been increasing rapidly. It has been reported that a YouTube executive announced that in the forseeable future, 90% of all internet data traffic will be video. This will be driven in large part by the continued convergence of television with the internet. Source. Furthermore, this trend extends to mobile devices as well. 2011 marked the first year that mobile video traffic was over 50 percent (52%) of traffic on mobile devices. This trend is forecasted to continue. In 2016, mobile video traffic will be over 70% of mobile data. Source.

In business, the use of video content is increasingly becoming widespread. Use of video for content marketing, for example, has been reported to have increased from 37% of North American companies in 2009 to 52% in 2011. Source. It is used in a wide number of ways; examples include:

  • Reference videos for customers
  • Promotion of products and services
  • To provide internal corporate information such as executive presentations
  • Training and support
  • Communicate human resource policies and selections
  • Announcements to the public (PR)
  • Presentations at events including sales conventions
  • Voice prompts for telecommunications systems including voice menu greetings and direction

The importance of video and audio in the expansion of business into new global markets will also increase. Assured Language Solutions uses linguists specialized in the performing of professional subtitling and voice over services.

Voice Over Services

Assured Language professional voice linguists assists customers with not only the vocalization of material in multiple languages, but also the preparation and planning of the voice-over production including:

  • Establishing appropriate tone per the objectives as well as the unique characteristics of the audience of each target language
  • Set the best color and imagery in the manner in which your sentences are spoken
  • Adjust sentence length and complexity to the culture of each audience and specificity of each language
  • Shift areas of emphasis to ensure intended response of listeners of each language is achieved

We are very flexible and capable for supporting the unique requirements for our customers' specific projects including various file formats. Clients generally select from three voice-over artists whom they evaluate based on the objectives of the project and market space. Retainers for artists can be arranged for large projects that span greater periods of time.

Background music and impressionists can also be provided to enhance the content. Depending on the music that is chosen, royalty fees may be required.

Encoded Videos

Assured Language offers a robust, precision time-coding service. With our flexible approach, we support many video formats and make every effort to accommodate non-typical formats requested by customers. We are able to provide a finalized fully encoded file with subtitles 'burned in' to the product.

In addition to the professional audio technology skills that we deliver, as a language services company, we provide a one-stop-service for handling all language requirements of your project including synchronized recordings and professional translation of the dialog.


Incorporating and/or translating subtitles within video materials enables customers to reuse video productions for customers in new language markets. Doing so provides a low cost alternative to the development of new videos in each language. Subtitling services are common for:

  • Rolling out video-based e-learning and corporate training to new geographic regions
  • Leveraging source language marketing videos for foreign language websites
  • Communicating global human resource policies, executive presentations, and other internal corporate videos to employees in other global locations
  • Exporting video products to new language audiences and new regions
  • Advertising and marketing videos translated, subtitled, and enhanced via acoustical engineering
  • Extending the customer base into new language populations for web-based and software-based video products including online gaming products

Assured Language Solutions combines expertise from profession translators, audio technologists, and other specialists (e.g., video game linguists for online game products) into talented teams for accomplishing customers' unique audio and video project objectives.

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